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Redbird Xwind

The first and only crosswind landing trainer

  • Xwind
  • $44,9001
  • Winds up to 30 knots
  • Wind Shear and Turbulence
  • Laser Markers for Yaw and Drift
  • Landing Mode
  • One Year Warranty2
  • XwindSE
  • $49,9001
  • All Xwind Features, Plus:
  • 3 LCD Monitors Providing Exterior Visuals
  • Simulation CPU
  • Scoring System Provides Objective Feedback
Pricing Notes:
  1. All prices exclude shipping, installation, and training.
  2. Service and support after the initial warranty expires is available for an additional charge.

For the legally minded, you can download the full warranty document. For the rest of us, we summarized the high points:

This simulator includes a warranty against defects in material and workmanship that starts on the day you take delivery of your new simulator and ends one year later. Basically, if something broke because we didn't built it correctly, we'll fix it or send you a replacement. This doesn't cover normal wear and tear, modification, acts of nature, or other stuff that's out of our control.

Additionally, we also provide one year of free product support that includes:

  • Software and database updates
  • Part repair or replacement
  • On-site support for US customers
  • Phone and email support for all customers
  • Remote diagnosis for all customers
  • Access to our online knowledge database

Optional Equipment

Custom Paint for your Redbird

Custom Paint & Decals

Customize Your Simulator to Match Your Branding


Want to show off your school spirit? We’ll customize your simulator to match your school colors and branding. Our creative team will work with you to choose colors and design decals to personalize your simulator for your training operation.