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State of Flight Training

State of Flight Training 

Third-annual Survey and Report


Advances in flight training start with your feedback. The State of Flight Training Survey and Report helps the flight training community identify and analyze trends, priorities, strengths, and challenges to build a brighter future for aviation.

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Who We're Surveying

Flight training providers, flight instructors, designated pilot examiners, prospective student pilots, student pilots, and pilots. If you're giving or receiving flight instruction, flying as a certificated pilot, or interested in learning to fly, we want to hear from you!

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Why Participate

As pilots, we understand more than most just how important it is to have reliable data to get from point A to point B. The flight training community needs up-to-date, actionable information to prepare for the future, and the best source of information is, well, the flight training community. The responses that you share will provide insights that help guide the way forward for your peers and partners who are learning or teaching how to fly.

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