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Bring the Power of Redbird Home

  • JAY1
  • $2,5952
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Computer
  • Keyboard with Shortcut Commands3
  • Flight Controls
  • 1 Year Warranty / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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  • JAY Velocity1
  • $3,9952
  • Designed for Demanding Environments like Middle and High Schools, Museums, and Public Access Kiosks
  • Includes All Standard JAY Features
  • Highly Robust Internal Components
  • Heavy Duty Flight Controls
  • Upgraded Computing Power for High Reliability
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Pricing Notes:
  1. The JAY is not approved or certified by the FAA or any other foreign government or entity for use in flight training to satisfy required proficiency time, instrument experience, training for certificates or ratings.
  2. All prices exclude shipping, taxes, and tariffs.
  3. Download the JAY Keyboard Commands Cheat Sheet.