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About IFR6

IFR6 in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a one-on-one, six-day intensive instrument rating course designed to help students become instrument-rated pilots quickly and efficiently. With a proprietary syllabus, career flight instructors, repetitive learning methods, and innovative use of flight simulators, the program guarantees a unique training experience that is unlike anything students have done before.

The Challenge

Time and money are two primary reasons pilots put off earning new ratings. IFR6 needed a way to differentiate its instrument training program by reducing those two obstacles. If it could increase the efficiency of student learning, the flight school could drive more business through its doors.

The Goal

  • Increase efficiency of learning environment
  • Control costs of flight training
  • Allow accomplishment of these goals to drive business growth and success

The Solution

IFR6 acquired a Redbird FMX and two Redbird SD training devices to provide effective flight instruction. For instrument instruction, in particular, IFR6 has found that repetitive practice is critical to efficient learning, and the Redbird devices are the best tools to facilitate this type of training.

With the Redbird devices in its fleet, most basic instruction at IFR6 occurs in the simulated world instead of an airplane. Each student has a CFII and flight simulator dedicated specifically to their training. Students work with instructors every morning in the Redbird devices, concentrating on a few specific tasks until they can do them without thinking. Only then do they get in the airplane to complete a long cross-country trip in the afternoon. 

The Redbird FMX and SD are certified as Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs), which means that students can use them to log 20 hours toward their instrument rating and experience high-fidelity simulation no matter the objective of a flight.

Redbird SD customized with IFR6 colors and logo

Student and CFII train in a Redbird FMX

The Result

More students choose IFR6 over competitors due to the efficiencies and success rates brought about by effective use of the Redbird training devices.
Instrument ratings earned
student success rate
in revenue from sim use in 2021
“Everything we do well, we learn through repetition. It’s impossible to get efficient repetition in an airplane, but the simulator is perfect for it. We learn in the sim and practice in the airplane.”

Mike McCurdy
Owner, IFR6

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